Western Newfoundland is a very accessible area of the Island of Newfoundland. The City of Corner Brook (population of 20,000) and the Town of Stephenville (population of 8,000) are both in close proximity to Ptarmigan’s Licenses. Both have well maintained port facilities with the ability to support large vessels and adequate warehousing and lay down areas to support exploration and development of an offshore discovery. In addition, both have post-secondary institutions for university and technical training.

The closest and largest port facility, the Port of Corner Brook, is constructed of reinforced concrete and steel tube pile bents with a modern arch fendering system and 362 m (1,200 ft) of berthage. There are approx. 28,000 sq. metres of space for container storage and a high capacity crane (53 tonnes) to facilitate the loading and unloading of containers at dock side.

The Port of Corner Brook has a weekly container ship service to Halifax and central Canada and is directly connected to the Trans Canada Highway via a four-lane arterial road. This provides easy highway access and connections to two airports within an hour’s drive.

Fig. 19 - Corner Brook Port

The nearest airport, Deer Lake Airport, is a regional airport with daily connections to major centres such as St. John’s, Halifax and Toronto. The 3,300 m runway at Stephenville International Airport is the legacy of a former U.S. Air Force base. Stephenville offers weekly connections to major centres and acts as an alternate to Deer Lake in incidences of bad weather.