Corporate Governance

Ptarmigan Energy’s corporate objective is to create long-term value for shareholders through the discovery and development of oil and gas offshore Western Newfoundland. In doing so, the company strives to utilize innovative, practical and environmentally friendly solutions within a culture that values and rewards exemplary ethical standards, personal and corporate integrity, and respect for others.

The Board operates within the company’s stated business strategy to seek farm-in opportunities for its exploration License. In doing so, the Board directs the company’s risk assessments, resource management, strategic planning, financial and operational management to respect this strategy. The Board ensures that all obligations to its shareholders and stakeholders are met. Furthermore, the Board is committed to a transparent and high-quality governance system visible to all its shareholders.

Ptarmigan Energy Inc. believes that there is a link between high-quality governance and the creation of long-term shareholder value. Our expectations of our employees and those with whom we contract are consistent with what we expect of ourselves: exemplary ethical standards, personal and corporate integrity and respect for all others.